Minediary: Pyramid Scheme

So Me and S have been busy for the last few days creating a minecart railway network. We decided to create a minecart line going all the way down to the village on the south of the map with a spur line going to my pyramid in the swamps.
It’s going well so far. S’s line is quite close to the village now after a day of creating bridge, tunnels and clearing obstacles. My next job will be to create a automated junction with buttons to select the appropriate destination. Then I will start laying track to the pyramid. I think it will take awhile as I don’t play as much and I also want to build a farm and a new house on an island I built a branch line to.

Minediary: Starting to get a safe outpost.


Well this is the first of my mine diary’s which is a sort of diary of my explorations off my world which has monsters. I have a small cobblestone hut with a mine underneath to provide shelter, resources and defence at night. I also now have a walled garden with some cattle, a sheep and a wheat field so food is no longer a problem.

Now I have the basics sorted out I’m working on a new building using stone slabs so it looks nicer and lots more space to live in. I’ve also built a new defensive wall which should hopefully be spider proof.

Meanwhile on the safelands (the main map which runs on peaceful mode) I’ve been helping S out by adding some points on the MTA (minecraft transit authority 🙂 ) line so there is now a junction to connect her line to the rest of the rail network.

In addition to this I’ve been making a trans pride flag out of wool which is going along well despite nearly catching fire from a near by chunk of burning neverack!