I’ve solved the getting the right seat height problem on my Brompton.

Those who know me know that my preferred mode of transport is my trusty Brompton folding bike.  One of the lingering problems I’ve found is that the folding process involves putting the seat right down.  Since the seat post doesn’t have any way of marking it’s height this means that you can never get the seat to precisely the same height between rides.

Today I found a solution to this problem.  I think that if I attach a piece of string to either the bottom of the seat post or the underside of the saddle I can then put then attach the other end of the string to part of the frame when the seat is at the correct height.  This will mean that the seat cannot go higher then the optimal height and I’ll have my favourite saddle height every time.

I wonder why no one has ever thought of doing this before!

Added: S said that string would probably stretch when it get wet which I replied you could always use something else such as plastic cord.