A map of mine

Well as people who know me know I’ve been playing a lot on my mine craft server lately.  One of the things I added early on was a cron job to regenerate a Minecraft Overviewer map every night and this is finally at the state where I can share it.  If you go to here you can see a map of my current Minecraft worlds on my server updated nightly.
In the future I’m also going to update the server to allow downloading of the maps used on it by it’s players so they can keep them (atm only me and K).
I’ve also been playing around with the multiverse plugins and created a new world with a harder difficulty so I can hunt mobs which don’t spawn naturally in peaceful mode as it turned out to be too difficult to fortify my existing buildings in my current world. I’ve created a little house at the spawn point so new visitors are reasonably protected from attack and begun exploring some of the caves underneath the house.

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